Purchase 360° Feedback Profiling aligned to new Management Apprenticeship Standards

Part of the new Management Apprenticeship Standards involves Apprentices receiving qualitative feedback from others.

360° degree feedback is a process of receiving online structured feedback from a group of people with whom you work (colleagues, direct reports and line manager) against the requirements of the Standard.

Three reasons for integrating 360° degree feedback into your Management Apprenticeship programmes:

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Performance improvement via focused development

360°degree feedback helps the Apprentices to evaluate their performance in line with the Apprenticeship Standard.  This benchmark helps to establish a clear performance focus for the programme.

Improved objective dialogue about personal development

Evaluating structured feedback that is aligned to the Standard can provide the Apprentice and Line Manager/ Coach with data to assess performance and encourages in depth dialogue about how to maximise on strengths and develop opportunities for improvement through ongoing performance reviews.

Greater Self-Awareness

Receiving performance feedback based on perceptions of a range of stakeholders rather than one manager’s opinion is the fastest way of improving self-awareness.

Adalta are one of the first UK providers to develop a 360°degree feedback tool that is specifically aligned to the following new trailblazer standards:

  • Level 3 Standard for Team Leader/ Supervisor
  • Level 5 Standard for Operations/ Departmental Manager

To give providers and Apprentices more flexibility, the size of the ‘feedback team’ can vary.  This means that Apprentices can choose between 5 and 10 nominees to complete feedback.

Apprentices receive a comprehensive report detailing how they are perceived against the requirements.  A big challenge with 360°degree feedback is that Apprentices need to take in a lot of information and somehow summarise this to something meaningful and useful.

For this reason, Adalta’s feedback report integrates a self-coaching activity to enable the Apprentice to conclude:

  • How they received the feedback
  • Their core strengths in relation to the Standard
  • Opportunities for development to establish a focus for their Apprenticeship
  • Next steps

360°degree feedback is £95 per Apprentice.

For more details on how to integrate a profile aligned to the Standard in to your Apprenticeship programmes, please e-mail apprenticeships@adaltadevelopment.co.uk

DOWNLOAD FREE PDF: About 360 Degree Profiling