Apprenticeship Levy-payers Awareness Quiz – are you Levy-Savvy?

The Levy is here, but are you really prepared for it?
The Levy: use it or lose it – think of the returns in staff engagement and productivity!
Your employees will benefit from the development opportunities available.
Take the quiz and let us help you optimise your Levy through developing clear training plans.

Which of the following statements is true?

Which employers pay a levy tax?

All employers will receive an allowance to offset the payment of the levy, paid in digital vouchers. What is this allowance?

What can the Levy be spent on?

Levy payments are set at 0.5% of the employer's payroll total and will be collected via PAYE. Which of the following is also true?

Levy payments will be ring fenced and held in a DIGITAL ACCOUNT for organistations to reclaim and use to purchase eligible training. How do they source a training provider?

When should Levy paying employers have a training strategy in place for the Levy?

Do you have a strategy in place for using your Levy?