Complaints and Feedback Policy


At Adalta we aim to provide a professional service to all our customers/Learners, however, we acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong and our customers may wish to make a complaint. We welcome all feedback positive feedback, compliments, and complaints, from anyone who receives a service from us and is affected by a decision or action taken by us.

Our aim to ensure that anyone wishing to complain or provide feedback can do so easily and that we deal with their concern quickly and fairly.

We accept complaints and feedback from an advocate working on the complainant’s behalf – their employer, or friend but will seek the complainant’s written permission to deal with their advocate.


2.1 Positive Feedback/Compliments - received from our customers/Learners for a job well done that exceeds expectations will be recorded to help us identify where our customers are happy with our service, and enable us to share good practice.

2.2 Negative Feedback - when a customer/Learner expresses dissatisfaction about a Service, we will record the complaint and aim to address their concern quickly. Where a concern is raised and Adalta had not been made aware of the issue prior to receiving the complaint, we will record the concern as negative feedback and we will take this initial opportunity to put things right.

  • Formal Complaints ‘a dissatisfaction about the actions, decisions or failure of our services after Adalta has had the opportunity to put things right’.

2.4 We do not consider the following as a complaint:

  • when we have not been given the chance to put things right.
  • an initial request for information or an explanation of a decision made.
  • a complaint about a service where we have no responsibility e.g. external exam.
  • where we have no contractual/legal relationship e.g. if the complaint is about an employer.
  • about an issue that has already been concluded.

2.5 This policy does not apply when the matter is more appropriate to the Whistleblowing policy and Maladministration and Malpractice policy and procedure3)


 3.1 We aim to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity, so if you are willing to talk to us we may be able to resolve the matter easily and informally without the need to use the formal complaints procedure.

3.2 If you prefer to make a formal complaint or where our attempt to resolve the matter informally has not resolved the issue; please write to:

  • Vicky Preece Director Adalta Development Ltd, 10 Oak Gates, Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire. BL7 9TQ.
  • Email – providing as much detail of your complaint as possible.

3.3  Once in receipt of a formal complaint we will:

  • Acknowledge the complaint within 3 working days by phone/email or letter.
  • Investigate the complaint (the Director) and respond fully within 28 working days where possible (there may be delays if we require information from other sources, but we will keep you informed if this is the case).
  • Record your complaint on Adalta’s central drive which is backed up routinely throughout the day. This ensure that there is an audit trail of your complaint.
  • Close the case if we do not receive a response from the person concerned within 20 working days from the date of our response letter.

    Appealing an outcome of a complaint

  • An appeal should be made within 10 working days from receipt of the initial investigation report and outcome of the complaint.
  • If you wish to appeal this decision you should include:
    • Full name and contact details.
    • Subject matter.
    • Specific dates/times.
    • Names of people involved.
    • Reasons for the appeal and copies of any relevant documentation.
    • Any other factors for consideration such as extenuating circumstances.
    • Desired outcome.

Adalta as part of the appeals process will:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of the appeal within 10 working days and the awarding body will be notified where applicable.
  • Investigate the appeal. (This will be carried out by the Programme Manager or Company Director; a panel may be formed in order to reach a decision).
  • Complete the review and provide the Learner/customer with a written response within 20 working days and this will be the final route of escalation within Adalta. The Learner will be advised of the outcome e.g. arrangements for reassessment. Or, if the appeal was not upheld, the Learner will be given the reasons why and advised of their right to request a review by the awarding body.
  • We will use complaints and other feedback to improve our service.
  • If you wish to escalate your complaint to an external agency/appeals process, you must first have exhausted Adalta’s internal complaints process.


4.1 A Learner may appeal against an assessment where Adalta, as an approved centre for the awarding body, has failed to meet the criteria on which its approval was based.  For example:

  • Disagreement with an assessment decision.
  • Unreasonable delay in assessment decisions.
  • Inadequately qualified staff.
  • Inappropriate use of assessment criteria other than those specified in the qualification.
  • Denial of assessment without justifiable cause.
  • Insufficient or misleading information and guidance material.

4.2 The appeal will be considered in line with the procedure and timescales outlined in 3.4 above – to appeal against a complaint.

4.3 Any charges that may be incurred for registering/processing appeals will be refunded should a Learner’s appeal be upheld.

4.4 If the Learner remains unsatisfied with the outcome of the internal appeal to Adalta they can contact:

4.4.1 ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) For Learners whose programme is funded by the ESFA – you can escalate your complaint to the ESFA about how your complaint was handled. Please email or write to them within 3 months of receiving the decision about your complaint from Adalta.

4.4.2 Awarding bodies – complaints escalation

If customers and Learners, including Apprentices, feel that they have strong grounds to escalate their appeal, they can write directly to the awarding body, but only once the internal Adalta process has been exhausted.


Chartered Management Institute

Awarding Body & Compliance

Chartered Management Institute

Management House

Cottingham Road



NN17 1TT

Highfield Qualifications

Highfield House

Heavens Walk






4.5 Final arbitration

The regulators are not appeal bodies and will only arbitrate if evidence is provided. Therefore, anyone approaching the regulators for this purpose should provide written copies of all relevant communications. The regulators will be looking to assess the effectiveness of the awarding body, their policies and procedures.


5.1 Our policies are developed and delivered in line with our Equality and Diversity Policy.


We will only share information as outlined in our Data Privacy Notice


7.1 Monitoring of reports received will be reviewed by the senior management team to ensure that procedures have been followed, that any learning is shared, and any changes required to Adalta’s policy and procedure are made.


8.1 We will carry out a fundamental review of this policy every three years or sooner subject to legal or regulatory changes; or in response to internal changes.