What it is

level 3 trailblazer

Adalta's new Level 5 Trailblazer Apprenticeship Programme is a well-rounded, management programme that develops the knowledge and transferable skills / behaviours that will enable candidates to transform people and performance. This accredited programme is delivered over 18-24 months and combines a blend of on and off-the-job learning. It is designed to meet the new Level 5 Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard for Operations / Department Manager, written by employers for employers.

Who it is for

Operational/departmental managers or similar roles. Candidates are those who manage teams and/ or projects, with responsibility for achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisation’s strategy.

What they achieve

  • The Level 5 Apprenticeship standard for Operations/Departmental Manager
  • A Level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership

Benefits to Employers and Apprentices

People don't leave companies, they leave managers. Great managers transform people and performance.  But sometimes this can be a chicken and egg situation; after all, becoming a great manager isn’t something that just happens with a promotion. 'Doers' need to learn how to become 'managers'.
Adalta's Management Apprenticeships have a number of benefits for employers and apprentices.

  • Levy tax can be used to cover full programme costs (funding is available for non-Levy payers)
  • Helps create a pipeline of qualified first line managers
  • Productivity is increased over time
  • A blend of on and off-the-job learning to ensure that theory is quickly translated into practical action to drive immediate business benefits
  • 1:1 support from a highly qualified, dedicated coach/assessor with occupational management experience
  • Qualified managers - Apprentices gain a full apprenticeship certificate and a Level 5 professional management qualification

Level 5 Trailblazer Management Apprenticeship Programme Overview

The aim of Adalta’s Level 5 Trailblazer Management Programme is to enable apprentices to develop industry recognised management knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable them to achieve the standard and gain a professional management qualification.
The programme combines a winning blend of theory and on the job learning. The focus of the programme is on helping managers lead and motivate their teams to get the best from them. The manager's role is ultimately about improving productivity, and Adalta's Trailblazer Apprenticeship programme develops the core management skills to enable this in all aspects of their role.

Core Components

The programme is centred around the following core management areas:

There are three key stages to the delivery of the apprenticeship programme as follows:

  1. Programme Delivery (on/off-the-job) - to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to meet the standard
  2. Gateway Assessment - to determine whether the apprentice is ready for final assessment
  3. End Point Assessment (EPA) - aims to test the entire apprenticeship and is the final synoptic assessment.


This programme will help apprentices to:

  • Benchmark their management capability and set personal development goals for the programme
  • Gain a deeper understanding of management and leadership principles and techniques
  • Adopt a structured approach to optimise individual and team performance
  • Get the most from their team in a way that taps in to the strengths and diversity of each individual
  • Develop strategies and techniques that will improve productivity
  • Communicate with greater impact at different levels to successfully engage with others, build relationships and influence positive outcomes
  • Grab ‘change’ by the horns and lead initiatives with confidence
  • Balance operational and strategic demands to ensure the achievement of key business results
  • Gain greater awareness of operational and business management principles
  • Successfully deliver a work-based project that positively impacts their work area
  • Gain an internationally recognised professional management qualification

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