What is End-point Assessment?

The purpose of end-point assessment ('EPA') is to test the entire apprenticeship standard and requires apprentices to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours as set out in the standard. It is the final synoptic assessment, conducted by an independent assessment organisation. This forms an integral part of the SFA’s quality assurance for the Apprenticeship reforms.

What is an Apprentice Assessment Organisation?

An Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO) is an organisation approved by the government/ Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to carry out the end-point assessment process that will determine whether a student has gained the relevant knowledge skills and behaviour to gain apprenticeship status. Adalta Development Ltd. is one of the first Government approved AAOs to provide End Point Assessment (EPA) services for the new Level 3 and Level 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeships in the UK. The move to independent end-point assessment (EPA) is one of the biggest changes in the government’s apprenticeship reforms and provides an assurance of quality and impartiality in the assessment process.

We partner with providers/employers to provide EPA for the following Trailblazer Apprenticeship standards:

  • Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship standard
  • Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship standard

Why choose Adalta as an EPA partner:

  • Assurance of quality in dealing with one of the first SFA approved end point assessment (EPA) providers for these standards in the UK
  • Extensive experience gained as an established management and leadership assessment specialist
  • A collaborative approach to ensure end-point assessment is seamlessly integrated into the programme
  • High-calibre team of qualified assessors with a wealth of occupational management experience and knowledge of current management best practice

How we Work

What you can expect from Adalta as an Apprenticeship Assessment partner:

  • Flexibility in how EPA is accessed for individuals / groups (e.g. online knowledge test)
  • Comprehensive provider guide to support providers in ensuring on-programme and gateway assessment is fit for purpose and ensures apprentices are ready for final end point assessment
  • Comprehensive, documented assessment feedback for apprentices/employers
  • Additional consultancy support/advice services to help providers align on-programme assessment (this cannot be SFA funded or allocated within the levy tax)
  • A dedicated EPA quality assurance contact

The Assessment Process

Independent end-point assessment takes place when the employer is satisfied that the apprentice has developed all the knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the apprenticeship standard; this will be supported by the training provider and is referred to as the 'Gateway to EPA'.

The EPA process is robust, comprising a range of assessment methods, to ensure that all components of the Standard have been fully tested and met.

Assessment takes place throughout the Apprenticeship programme as illustrated below.

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